The company's quality policy is: to the customer's commitment to quality of employees, have goals, quality first, efficient and punctual,
Quality First, Service First, Customer Satisfaction
The quality policy is the highest purpose and direction of the company's quality management, reflecting the company's commitment to meet customer requirements, legal and regulatory requirements and continuous improvement.
The quality policy is part of the company's business purpose, and is coordinated with the company's business purpose to ensure that the company's business objectives are achieved.

The quality policy is the basis and framework for formulating the company's quality goals.In order to achieve the quality policy, the company formulates company-level quality goals.
According to the determined quality management system process, within the framework of the quality policy, combined with company-level quality objectives, formulate quality objectives at all levels within the function
Mark. All departments should fully understand the quality policy and be responsible for communicating to their employees, so that employees realize the importance and relevance of their work, so as to
And how to contribute to achieving quality goals


  • Bench test machine

  • Large three coordinate measuring instrument

  • Universal testing machine

  • Laser cutter